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Concatenate RealTime

Real Asset Business Management Platform

Plan, Work, Collaborate



Concatenate RealTime™ is an integrated strategic planning and operational work platform designed specifically to manage real assets. ​The platform provides a unified, cloud-based space:


  • To set, execute and monitor business plans at the portfolio, asset and unit levels.

  • To manage all key real asset business management processes.

  • For team members to collaborate on the work required to fulfill business plans.

  • For senior executives and key stakeholders to monitor progress on achieving plan targets.


The RealTime™ platform connects your existing real asset point solutions. It aggregates key data from those solutions; it does not “rip and replace” them.


RealTime™ is designed for all stakeholders that invests in or manages real assets including:

  • Institutional investors

  • Investment managers

  • Asset managers

  • Property managers

  • Construction managers


RealTime™ is used to create, orchestrate and govern all real asset strategic and operational plans, such as portfolio plans, asset business plans and leasing plans.

It establishes a connected hierarchy between plans. Viewed from the bottom up, each successive plan supports the fulfillment of the targets set above. This ensures that plans at all levels are aligned with the portfolio objectives and institutional investment risk and return parameters.

RealTime™ also enables organization-wide monitoring of plan fulfillment via:

  • Key performance indicators

  • Up-to-date actuals vs. targets

  • Identifying issues affecting plan fulfillment

RealTime™ is also where the work is done – where portfolio and asset plans are executed. It is a collaboration space that aligns work activities across the organization with the objectives set out in the strategic plans.


The platform design mirrors industry-wide real asset business management processes; in other words, it is adapted to how your organization works today.

Requests for core deliverables such as market research reports and appraisals are conveyed within the platform along with associated budgets, scheduling and prioritization.

In any organization, core deliverables completed by one team represent the input needed by another team for its own work. RealTime™ orchestrates workflow by automatically conveying completed deliverables between teams and departments.

RealTime on iPad Pro.png


The RealTime™ Value Proposition​

Real asset managers currently rely on Excel spreadsheets, email and point solutions that limit their capacity to address today’s demands for enhanced communications, transparency and compliance. Add-ons offered by some accounting-based solutions are limited by the inherent rigidity of general ledger systems.


RealTime™ represents a generational leap in real asset management. It:


  • Provides the flexibility and adaptability needed to operate in today’s complex and fast-changing environment.

  • Breaks down inter-departmental siloes by connecting information and work throughout the organization.

  • Provides visibility across the organization so that all deliverables can be tracked and any issues affecting plan achievement can be identified and addressed.

  • Provides one source of truth so that everyone in the organization is working with identical, up-to-date information.

  • Reduces risk and enhances business performance by unifying planning and execution.

  • Enables process consistency, quality assurance and adherence to industry best practices.

Our Story

Concatenate creates transformative software solutions for real asset businesses at the institutional, asset management and property management levels. Our solutions are built upon a wealth of experience in both software platform development and the commercial real estate investment business. Concatenate is led by:


Michael Meltzer


Michael brings to Concatenate more than 35 years of experience in commercial real estate and technology solutions for CRE businesses. With his business partner, Steven Wong, Michael previously co-developed a proprietary real estate software system that was widely adopted by leading North American retailers. Most recently, Michael has applied his deep knowledge of CRE investment business processes to the design and development of Concatenate’s RealTime™ software platform.


Steven Wong


Steven has almost three decades of experience in technology for commercial real estate. He works closely with his business partner, Michael Meltzer, on software design and translates the vision into powerful and user-friendly technology solutions. Today, Steven leads a team of seasoned software developers in the development and implementation of Concatenate RealTime™.

Technology and Implementation

Concatenate RealTime™ is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that leverages your existing enterprise license of Microsoft Office 365, running on SharePoint Online. As such, it requires minimal IT department support as it leverages your established security and data governance.


For users, the platform is intuitive and easy to adopt. It leverages familiar Microsoft Office 365 applications such as SharePoint, Excel and Word, and is custom designed to fit well-established real asset industry processes.


The platform can be configured to meet customer-specific needs.







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