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Mitigate cash problems

leasing Pipeline

  • Review all current lease negotiations and renewals to determine whether reforecasting adjustments are required.

  • Manage the correspondence, negotiation, approval and administration for new lease​s.

  • Determine whether new concessions should be offered to close deals.


  • Manage the correspondence, negotiation, approval and administration for tenant rent relief requests. 

  • Manage the risk of  tenant defaults and create precedents to treat tenants consistently.

  • Adjust for accounting of rent relief and set up repayment schedules.

  • Identify the cash flow impact at the asset and portfolio level.

An easy-to-deploy, cloud-based software solution to help landlords manage tenant defaults and relief requests along with the resulting cash flow issues.

It allows you to:

  • Manage the financial changes brought about by COVID-19, from amending existing leases to dealing with property tax relief, cancelling capital projects and  deferring mortgage payments. 

  • Develop dynamic asset action plans that address the activities and issues needed to preserve cash. 

  • Execute and monitor these plans, consolidating real time results in custom dashboards at the asset and portfolio level. 

  • Collaborate with your entire team in one place online, working with real time information. 

  • Make quick, smart, informed decisions and approvals. 



  • Review each capital project to determine which ones have been stopped due to government regulations.

  • Determine whether any projects should be cancelled/postponed to preserve cash.

  • Assure that any policies/procedures/protocols are being followed at each site.

  • Report upon the total cash savings at the asset level.


Mortgage and PRoperty Tax Obligations

  • Determine whether loan payments or property taxes need to be deferred. 

  • Manage the correspondence, negotiation and amendments required for postponements.

  • Adjust for accounting of deferrals and set up repayment schedules.

  • Identify the cash flow impact at the asset and portfolio level.

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Implementation and

data population

  • COVID -19 CRE Financial Risk Manager can be installed as a stand-alone module on the Concatenate RealTime™ platform, in conjunction with your enterprise license of Microsoft SharePoint 365 and Microsoft Power BI Pro. 


  • We initialize the system from your accounting system using current rent roll or other spreadsheets you are now using to capture tenancy or asset information. 

  • Training will be provided through video conferencing.


You can be up and running as soon as 5 days. 



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